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Aviation Maintenance Staff F-15, C130 & Helicopter

This job expired on 05/05/2016

Alsalam Aircraft Co. Ltd.

Job posted by Alsalam Aircraft Co. Ltd.
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Job details

Salary band Any
Salary details unknown
Location Middle East, Saudi Arabia
Job type Full time
Company Alsalam Aircraft Co. Ltd.
Contact unknown
Job categories Aircraft Engineering Instruction, Avionics/Electronics, Fitter/Electrician/Mechanic/Technician, Aero Engineer
Posted 08/08/2011
Expires 05/05/2016

Job Description

Alsalam Aircraft Company - Currently has a contract with the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) to provide F-15, C-130 and Helicopter Flight Line Training.  We provide Technical Support to all bases. Our task is to train, assist, and actively advise the RSAF in the accomplishment of Organizational and Intermediate Level maintenance. This training is accomplished using a combination of English language training (basic and technical terminology), formal classroom instruction and Structured On-The-Job-Training. The objective of training is to provide the necessary skills to independently maintain the RSAF F-15, C-130 and Helicopters at the Organizational Level of maintenance. 

We are expanding this to include Back Shop Training which includes the following AFSC's:

  F-15 TSP

Production Analysis

Pneudraulics Systems

Egress System

Fuel System

Metal Tech Sheet Metal & Machinist

Structural Repair & Corrosion Control

Non-Destructive Inspection

Environmental & Electrical Systems

Phase Dock & Aero Repair

Aerospace Ground Equipment

F-15 Munitions 

 F-15 Armament

Engine system

Attack Control Systems (A Shop)

Auto Flight Controls (B Control)

Comm. Nav / ECM (c Shop)

Material Control


Aerospace Ground Equipment

Quality Control

English Language Training

RSAF HTSP (Helicopter)

  Aerospace Propulsion Maintenance Tech

 Pneudraulics Systems Maintenance Tech

 Maintenance Analysis Instructor

 Aircraft Electrical & Environmental Instructor


Aircraft Structure Technician

PDM Advisor/Manager

Structure Engineer Technician

PDM Coordinator

Aircraft Structure Maintenance

General Maintenance Technician

General Maintenance Technician

Jet Engine Maintenance


Aircraft Propeller Technician


(C-130) Air cargo Control Instructor (ACI)

(C-130) Flight Engineer Instructor (FEI)

(C-130) Pilot Instructor (PI)

Aerial Equipment Control/Instructor (AECI)

Aerial Warning Equipment Operating Instructor (AWEOI)

Aerial Warning Equipment Operator (AWEO)

Air Cargo Supervisor (ACS)

Air frames Specialist (AS)

Air Navigator Instructor

Air Cargo Specialist (ACS)

Aircraft Electricity Specialist (AES)

Aircraft Meters Specialist (AMS)

Caza Aircraft Engines Specialist (CAES)

Comms.System Instructor (CSI)

Compressed Fluids Instructor (CFI)

Compressed Fluids Specialist (CFS)

Electronic Communications Specialist (ECS)

Engine Specialist (ES)

Engines and Propellers Supervisor (EPS)

Environmental Equipment Specialist (EES)

Fire-Fighting Advisor (FFA)

Gen. Maintenance Specialist (GMS)

Gen Maintenance Specialist (GMS)

Gen Maintenance Specialist/Caza Aircraft GMS/Caza

Gen. Maintenance Specialist/Periodic Inspection (GMS/PI)

Gen. Maintenance Specialist/VIP Aircraft GMS/VIPA

Gen. Maintenance Supervisor (GMS)

Gen. Maintenance Supervisor/Periodic Inspection (GMS/PI)

Intermediate Maintenance Supervisor (IMS)

Jet-engines Instructor (JEI)

Maintenance Control Specialist (MCS)

Maintenance Operations Manager (MOM)

Maintenance Scheduling Specialist (MSS)

Navigation Systems &Avionics Specialist (NSAS)

Operations Specialist (OS)

Periodic Inspection Supervisor (PIS)

Pilot Instructor (PI)

Pilot Instructor/Flight Simulation

Production Analyses Specialist (PAS)

Production Analyses Supervisor (PAS)

Propellers Specialist (PS)

Propellers Workshop Chief (PWC)

Quality Inspector (Propellers) (QIP)

Quality Inspector Engines (QIE)

Quality Inspector Systems (QIS)

Quality Inspector/Gen. Maintenance (QI/GM)

Quality Supervisor (QS)

Special Purposes Vehicles Maintenance Supervisor (SPVMS)

Supply Specialist (SS)

Supply Specialist/Supply Systems Analyst (SS/SSA)

Tactical Drop Field Preparation Specialist (TDFPS)

Technical Library Specialist (quality) (TLS/Q)

Technical Systems Specialist/Caza Aircraft TSS/Caza

Training Coordinator (TC)

Main Business 

Financial Analyst

Senior Contracts Administrator

 Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing

 Manager Lean Programs



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